Entry Level Functional Skills Mathematics


The purpose of Functional Skills Mathematics Entry Level qualifications is to demonstrate a sound understanding of the underpinning skills and basics of mathematical skills appropriate to the level, and the ability to apply mathematical thinking to solve simple problems in familiar situations. Functional Skills qualifications support learners to demonstrate their understanding by applying their knowledge and skills to solve simple mathematical problems or carry out simple tasks.
The levels progress from Entry Level 1 to Entry Level 3.

Entry Requirements

There are no entry qualifications or age limits required by learners to undertake this qualification.

Course Content

The entry level courses comprise the following learning outcomes:

  • Using numbers and the number system (whole numbers, fractions, and decimals)
  • Using common measures, shape, and space
  • Handling information and data
  • Solving mathematical problems and decision making

Method of Assessment

The assessment involves non-calculator and calculator sections.


Entry Level 1, 2 or 3 Functional Skills in Mathematics


6-8 weeks

Attendance Options

• Days
• Evenings
• Weekends
• Online